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Enrobing Line

Enrobing Line
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Enrobing Line, second hand, consists of Enrober Loader, Enrober, Cooling Tunnel, Outfeed Conveyor, Cluster Mixer, Cluster Dropper. Last used in January 2022. Owner lists this line in good condition. Enrober is a Walden which was re-built in 2008, is 3 phase, has a belt width of 830mm, 4 enrobing curtains, double bottoming rollers. Was used with Compound Chocolate. Cooling Tunnel is also 3 phase, includes condensing unit and is approx. 14.7m long. Cluster Dropper was manufactured in 2008, is single phase and pneumatic and was used with 2-10g clusters. Multiple videos available showing the unit running.

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