Baking Line

Baking Line
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Baking Line from Darin (China), YOM 2021, unused, consists of conveyor with cutting roller (approx. 8-10mm gap between blades), guillotine and fan which feeds product into Darin DR-800 conveyor oven with mesh belt (825mm W, mesh is approx. 4mm x 8mm), 3 ph, 246kw, multiple belts so product enters the oven at the top of one end and finally exits the oven at the bottom of the other end, all belts temperature and speed controlled, unit has been wired to NZ standards. Was purchased for the petfood industry but never used. Oven has spare module that is not installed so can be a spare. Euro bins shown in main photo are not included.

O’all footprint as setup approx. 10350mm L x 4000mm W x 2240mm H.

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