Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

General Questions

How long has Asset Disposals Ltd been in business?
Where is your equipment located?
Do you have additional photos for products on the website?
Why do you generally not put prices against an item on your website?
Are the dimensions and capacities listed against the equipment you list accurate?

Payments & Freight

What payment terms do you offer?
What methods of payments do you accept?
What currency are your prices in?
What sort of warranty do you offer for the equipment you sell?
Who is responsible for uplifting and freight associated costs?

Assetpack Equipment

Who manufactures your Assetpack equipment?
Can you customise your Assetpack equipment to meet our exact requirements?
The prices of your Assetpack equipment are very low. Why is this?
Do you have your Assetpack equipment in stock?

Selling & Listing

Do you charge a fee to list an item for sale?
Is my only option for you to sell my equipment on my behalf or do you offer to buy as well?
How can you assist if I want to sell equipment but do not want my competitors to get hold of it?