Bowl Cutter

Bowl Cutter
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Meissner RSM 200 Bowl Cutter, equipped with standard trolley lift and ejector, 3 ph, 76kw, blade speed 1500/3000rpm, disc speed 7/14/21 rpm, stainless steel, 200L bowl. The stainless steel disc cutter from Meissner is a multifunctional cutter that can be used in many production processes. With this cutter you can cut, emulsify and mix effectively. The cutter is a very versatile machine that is suitable for processing different types of meat, fish, poultry, game, vegetables, fruit, nuts, confectionery, chocolate and cheese. The efficient cutting and mixing capacity of this cutter ensures that the product is processed into a homogeneous mass. With the push buttons you can easily operate the cutter. The machine is equipped with a standard trolley lift to make product input as easy as possible. The ejection mechanism ensures effortless and fast emptying of the dish. Ex site Europe.

Approx. 3500mm W x 2500mm D x 1850mm H, weight 4500kg.

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