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Doy Pack/Pouch Packing System

Doy Pack/Pouch Packing System
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Doy Pack or Pouch Handling and Packing System, “Mespic” (Italy), integrated spider robot cell to orientate the product with; capacity up to 200 pouches per minute, Omron vision system, 3 x Codian spider robot picking heads with suction cups, 21″ touch screen display fitted on the machine frame, rejects deformed pouches and orientates good pouches. 2 x case erectors, pick and place case packers and case sealers each with; capacity up to 100 pouches per minute each, HMI 21″ touch screen display, Nordson gluing system. Also included: 2 x pouch twister conveyors, standing up and laying down pouches, large width infeed conveyor, vibratory feed for sorting pouches into 2 lanes, pouch diverter for evening load into the 2 cartoners, pouch rotator/orientator (rotates pouches face up), 2 x carton sealers, various Intralox conveyors and belt conveyors throughout the system. Never installed. Made for yoghurt doy packs. Can be redesigned to suit. Ex site Australia.

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