Pallet Racking

$400.00 NZD + GST
Pallet Racking
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Pallet Racking, all the beams are all 2750mm long: 2x pairs dark blue, 2x pairs pale orange with long ends, 1x pair dark orange with long ends, 1x lightweight pair with short ends. In terms of ends/uprights there is: 1x galvanised pair of ends 1020mm high, 1x galvanised pair of ends 2440mm high, 1x blue end 4960mm high, 1x blue end 4000mm high, 1x grey painted end 3670mm high, 2x blue single uprights (need connecting) 2,550mm long and 2x grey single uprights (need connecting) 2,450mm long. There are also a selection of bracing rods (for connecting two single uprights to form an end). Open to offers for part or the lot. Price for the lot.

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