Sachet Machine

Sachet Machine
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Sachet Machine, YOM 2019, made in China, electrics upgraded for NZ electrical standards, single phase, sachet sizes 30-140mm W x 30-150mm L, 30-60 sachets per minute, filling range 3-150ml of powder, previously used to pack 2 sachet sizes – 2g and 10g, small was 43mm W x 70mm L and larger one was 43mm W x 145mm L. Sachets were made from 100mm wide laminated foil on roll, 50um metalised CPP film, sourced from NZ Supplier. Owner is still in touch with machine supplier in China for spares. Machine comes with 3 different size augers (3-5g, 8-11g and 100g) and formers and some spares. Owner did not use the 100g parts.

Approx. 900mm x 700mm x 1700mm H, weight 400kg.

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