UV Tunnel (x2)

UV Tunnel (x2)
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2 x UV Tunnels, each with an infeed and outfeed conveyor, designed for UV sterilization of 20-25kg bags. UV Tunnels have under and over lights. Joyea JP932 Infeed Conveyor – entry height 740mm, outfeed height 880mm, belt is approx. 1880mm L x 650mm W, UV Tunnel is approx. 5m L x 640mm W (o’all width is 1080mm) x 1245mm o’all height, Outfeed Conveyor is 720mm H at feed end and 880mm H at outfeed end, belt is approx. 2380mm L x 700mm W. Tunnels are kept in separate rooms from infeed and outfeed conveyors to avoid UV exposure to workers.

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