Brewery Plant

Brewery Plant
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Brewery Plant, YOM 2019, supplied by Pentair & CLE Brew Systems, consists of: BREWHOUSE - 1 x 200L Mash/Lauter Tun & HLT, 1 x 200L Kettle/Whirlpool, 1 x Plate Heat Exchanger, 2 x Pumps, 1 x Underback, 1 x Work Platform. FERMENTATION TANKS - 4 x 200L Fermenter/Uni tanks max 1 bar pressure and 1 x NEW skid frame for Fermenters/uni tanks. FERMENTATION SYSTEM - 1 x 400 L Cold Liquor tank, 1 x 3HP Glycol Chiller and 1 x Glycol pump. CONTROL SYSTEM - Main brewhouse PLC Control System and touch screen. 50L CIP SYSTEM. MALT MILL - 2 x Roller Malt Mill. Only used for a couple of pilot brews. Never put into production.

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