Form Fill Seal - Pouches

Form Fill Seal - Pouches
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Joyea DXD250 II Vertical Form Fill Seal for Pouches, YOM 2017, has auger filler for powder filling, 3 ph, pneumatic, touch screen controls, 40-60 pouches per minute, max pouch length 300mm, bag width range 95-245mm (includes 2 x forming tubes - 500g and 1kg pouches), can inject nitrogen into the pouches, current film on machine is 365mm wide, includes outfeed conveyor (belt width 255mm, outfeed height 740mm). Ex Infant Formula unit. Video:

O’all dims approx. 1250mm W x 1700mm D x 3m H (FFS), conveyor is 1850mm L x 600mm W x 750mm H.

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