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Inotec 225CD 110D Microcutter, YOM 2009, 3 ph, 127kw, production capacity 6000-15000kg/hr (product dependent), 200L hopper capacity, 225mm Ø plates, infeed height 890mm. This microcutter from Inotec is a very versatile cutter that is often used in the sausage and pet food industry. This continuous cutter cuts large quantities of product into a homogeneous mass at high speed, whereby the ingredients are also effectively mixed. The settings can vary from coarse to fine emulsions. This cutter is equipped with a large feed hopper that is placed at working height. This makes it easy to feed the product (directly from the disc cutter). This emulsifier is suitable for placing inline. The cutting set is easy to install and remove. There is only minor wear, which means that the cutting set has a long service life. The temperature sensors ensure constant product quality. The intuitive control panel allows easy program entry. Ex site Europe.

Approx. 1200mm W x 2250mm D x 1300mm H, weight 1000kg.

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