Pouch Filler w/ Weighhead

Pouch Filler w/ Weighhead
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Pouch Filler with Weighhead. Pouch Filler: Pneuco AP15 Pouch opener and filler (does not seal the pouch, simply opens and fills), single phase, pneumatic (requires compressed air connection), feed funnel moves up and down and can be programmed to bounce/shake the desired amount of times in time with the bag filler to ensure no product is left behind. Main feed funnel/hopper is 400mm diameter at top and 50mm at the bottom, length 520mm. Second funnel/hopper 200 diameter at top, 50mm at bottom and 430mm in length. Bag slides 130mm, 150mm and 180mm W (length doesn’t matter). O’all dims approx. 1200mm x 900mm x 1800mm H. Weighhead: Yamato Dataweigh ADW-123RBS Weighhead, 9 head, YOM 1992, single phase, pneumatic (requires compressed air connection), stainless steel contact parts, weigh buckets approx. 150mm x 150mm x 150mm, 8-1000g fills, o’all dims approx. 1540mm x 1050mm x 1020mm H. For sale as a pair or separately.

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