Sachet Machine

Sachet Machine
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Joyo MS1000L8 8 Lane Sachet Machine, for powder sachets, 3 ph, pneumatic, touch screen controls, up to approx. 280 sachets/min, sachet length 160-190mm, sachet width 55mm, includes JZL04 Joyo Automatic multi lane aligner 3750 x 1610 x 1030mm H, JP195 - Joyo Packing station conveyor fabric belt 5300 x 330 x 1150mm H, YP197 Joyo conveyor fabric belt 2050 x 330 x 700mm H, WL697 Joyo Conveyor 1500 x 500 x 700mm H, YP196 Joyo Fabric belt conveyor 3500 x 330 x 750mm H and YP200 Joyo Fabric belt conveyor 4400 x 330 x 700mm H. Ex Infant Formula unit.

O’all dims approx. 2800mm W x 2020mm D x 3400mm H.

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