Tray Filler Sealer

Tray Filler Sealer
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Makum SPR230 Rotary Tray Filler Sealer, YOM 2015, 3 ph, 20amp, pneumatic, stainless steel, twin head depositor dual tray, hot or cold filling, 200L hopper, CIP cleaning, outfeed conveyor, automatic tray magazine, tray @ 245g or 310g with 2 cavity filling; 192mm x 110mm 34/45mm, R12 radius at 4 corner in PP/Moplen EP 300H material. Tray can be converted to Cup with change parts. Machine can easily be changed to different tray shapes with minimal tooling. Ideal for spreads, sauces, dips, yoghurts, emulsions, drinks/fluids, jelly, pharmaceutical products as well as other applications. Comes with all manuals, documentation and CDs to get started again. Additional info available.

50-60 trays per minute depending on product.

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