Tunnel Pasteuriser

Tunnel Pasteuriser
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DONG SU ST-12000 Tunnel Pasteuriser, YOM 2016, has only done 55 hours of production, 12m L (2 x 6m sections), 2m W (3m fully dressed), 2m H, throughput: 12,000 BPH, steam requirement: 540 kg/hr (steam boiler not included), pre heat zone: direct steam injection to lower baths, retention zones heating: direct steam injection to lower baths, option on condensate recovery: yes, cold crash cooling zone: lower bath exchanged into cooling tower, HMI: Schneider- Smart touch, MCCB hardware: Schneider, invt, MCCB: X2 stainless steel cabinets fully wired- Temp control, entry/exit conveyors: 100mm wide plastic slatband. Steam manifolds, valves, some pipework with stainless lagging, cooling tower, MCCB all included. Could also be used as a cooling tunnel. Available immediately.

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