Twin Screw Extruder (x2)

Twin Screw Extruder (x2)
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2 x Clextral EV32 twin screw extruders, YOM 2018, 3 ph, 193amps, extruders have 10 barrels so are slightly longer than the standard allowing for higher throughput and better control of process, each unit includes control unit, feeder, water pump assembly, chiller unit and electrical cabinet. No dies included. The Clextral EV32 Twin Screw Extruder is designed to deliver superior performance and versatility in extrusion processes. With its state-of-the-art technology and user-friendly interface, it simplifies operation and enhances production efficiency. Whether you are in the business of producing pet food, snacks, cereals, or a wide range of other products, this extruder is engineered to meet your specific needs. Key Technical Specifications: Year of Manufacture: 2018 Condition: This extruder is in excellent condition, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. Extrusion Capabilities: The machine is currently set up for high moisture extrusion, but it can be easily adapted to suit your specific process requirements by replacing the screws. Barrel Control: The extruder features 10 barrels, each of which is individually controllable from the intuitive touchscreen interface. Startup Recipes: The software allows for the programming of startup recipes, streamlining operation and making it exceptionally user-friendly. Included Equipment: The extruder comes complete with essential equipment, including a loss-in-weight feeder, water pump, and a water chiller for precise control of barrel temperatures. Technical Data: The Clextral EV32 Twin Screw Extruder represents a pinnacle in extrusion technology. Its adaptability, precision control, and advanced software features make it an ideal choice for manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes. Whether you require uniform shaping, cooking, or texturizing of products, this extruder offers the flexibility and performance needed for successful outcomes. The 2018 Clextral EV32 Twin Screw Extruder is a reliable and versatile addition to any production line. Its adaptability, premium-quality components, and user-friendly interface set it apart as a superior choice for extrusion processes. Elevate your manufacturing capabilities and streamline operations with this exceptional extruder.

O’all dims of Extruder approx. 4200mm L x 900mm W x 1600mm H.

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